Property an eyesore

What was once a nice property is certainly not so much in recent years.

This letter is in regards to the property at 555 East Wade Ave. here in our fair city of Penticton.

This property has been a disgrace for the past eight years. What was once a nice property is certainly not so much in recent years. We seem to recall a bylaw, the good neighbour bylaw. Now we’re not certain of just what it entails but one needs to look no further than the above abandoned address that sits rotting in front of all who pass, or better yet, live in the neighbourhood.

From the grass which now sits at an unbelievable length to the slithering snakes that occupy this fine length of lawn as well as the families of deer that call the property home as well. How about the rodents who also call it home, from mice to rats and who knows what else? What about the transients who also call it home in summer months? Rent free, yes, drug free, certainly not!

Now all the bylaw guys all know the address as they’ve been called out more times than we can mention. We don’t blame them, as they can only do so much, however we do question the city and the leaders who want to clean up these derelict type properties. How come nothing seems to be happening to the one in question, this after more than a handful of complaints? What must it take to get this situation fixed. If in doubt, please drive by and take a look at our once beautiful street and help us bring it back to its glory.

Sandi Sunderman