Purchase goes missing on ride home

Penticton resident claims taxi drove away before he finished unloading his items from the trunk

On March 28, I was at the Real Canadian Superstore doing a major shopping. I went to the service counter and asked them to call a taxicab for me, which was not a problem.

When the taxi arrived, I loaded all my groceries into the trunk and asked the driver to stop across the street at the liquor outlet. I made a purchase of approximately $65 and we proceeded to my home.

Once we got here I paid the driver, gave him a tip and started unloading my goods to the front door. As I was taking the last bags to the stoop, I heard the trunk close and turned to see the taxi drive away before I retrieved my alcohol purchase from the back seat.

I immediately went upstairs, which took less than 30 seconds, and called the taxi firm to have him return it. The dispatcher sounded a little frazzled when I explained what had just happened and she said she would check into it and call me right back.

When I had not heard back in about 30 minutes I called again, at which point this is where the courtesy ended. She asked me questions about the incident and finished by asking me to describe the driver, which I did.

Now, I am pretty good with describing people, but she stated that she had nobody driving on this day that fit the description I gave her. Further, she explained that people leave expensive cellphones, cameras and other things and they are always turned in to the office. On top of that, she stated that the next customer using the taxi probably took my alcohol.

She indicated that she would check further and call me back. As of this letter, I have not heard squat from them. This is not the kind of service I would expect here in Penticton, nor do I feel her attitude was warranted.

I would appreciate hearing from anybody who has had a similar situation occur to them where they have not received the courtesy or service that one would expect from a taxi company here in Penticton, for I do not believe that my situation can be a first.

I called quickly to avert any problems of this nature, so if anyone would like to share stories that resemble mine, I may be reached at 778-476-1987.

Roy West