Put legislature on the block

B.C. Legislature was used as a house of sober second thought for only 40-some days last year

As the B.C. economy is stretched out of shape and the sale of B.C. gas has reached lows going back 10 years, I think the government should find new ways to economize.

For example, they could sell the legislative buildings in Victoria. This grand edifice was used as a house of sober second thought for only 40-some days last year. There is no fall sitting planned this year.

The B.C. Liberals are no different than the NDP when they were in power. They didn’t know what it was for either.

This building is far too fancy and the real estate too expensive to be the repository for employees to rattle around in.

If we took the wrecking ball to it, at the price of copper today, the roof alone could help to meet our budget targets. Then look at the size of the lot it sits on. We could put affordable housing and shopping centres in there.

Or then again maybe we could sell it. Some rich entrepreneur like Bill Gates or Jimmy Pattison might find a use for it.

Or perhaps we should dignify it with palace status and the Royal Family could stay there when they come to Canada.

We could set up some Atco trailers in Kamloops — a more suitable place for the governance of the province — knock off some tables and benches and our esteemed politicians could use that for their sober second thought. While not in use for 10 months of the year, we move the trailers to school yards to use for classrooms or use them for dorms for hockey schools.

It would give the economy of Kamloops a boost and give the Interior residents a chance to see their government in action … if they were very quick and didn’t dawdle.

Elvena Slump