Questions over well

I have in recent days been advised of a situation, a possible offence having occurred on the development on Highway 3A at the crest of the hill on the west side of the Marron Valley at the development known as Kaleden Acres.

I have learned that after realigning many surveying stakes to address largely missing wildlife corridors and covenants and such that the developer has literally ‘pulled up’ a well in the amended wildlife corridor area, somewhere between lots 12 and 13. Is this proper process for disposition of a well? Is this legal? What are the ramifications to unsuspecting wildlife and or humans walking in the area?

What remedies a situation like this? Is this well not supposed to be capped?

I wish not to trespass to discover the truth behind the allegations, but I want someone in the RDOS who would be immediately responsible for approving or needing to be informed of such a situation to look into this situation and advise me and all residents in the area of what they can do about it.

Feel free to respond to the Twin Lakes Area Aquifer Group at large.

Steve Brown