Radio listener tuning out

Giant FM provided the weather, road report and the local news that most listeners want to hear

It is with great sadness that the local radio station known to me as Giant FM at 100.7 on the radio dial has dismissed Dennis Walker with no apparent warning. A two-hour notice? How cruel can this be?

I have been a faithful listener for several years now, and when I moved to Vernon in 2008, Dennis was my voice from home. I was always wanting to get back to my beloved Penticton, my friends and my music world here that I so much enjoy. I returned back home in 2010 and continued to listen to Giant FM.

I enjoyed waking up each and every morning at 6 a.m. to the wonderful deep and melodic voice of Dennis Walker. He never failed to give the weather, road report and the local news that most listeners want to hear as they wake up to face a new day.

On Saturday morning, April 28, I was awakened by my radio alarm coming on and not once did I hear a weather report, the news or the Penticton Vees hockey score from Friday night’s game, or even a familiar and friendly voice. All I heard several times repeatedly in the 30 minutes I listened to what seemed to be an automated radio station was the announcement of the radio station.

I find it totally unacceptable that a radio station has to continually announce who they are. I find this an insult to my intelligence. I already know what station I am tuned into. I want to hear the hockey score on our great hockey team, the Penticton Vees. I want to hear the weather report. The road report. The news. None of this was told.

I am also saddened to learn that not only Dennis was dismissed unkindly, but also Kevin Berar, Scott Robinson and Stu Robinson. I will miss all of you.

I can assure you that I will not be listening to 100.7 anymore. Remember this when you think about advertising on this radio station and how our local newsmen were treated.

Goodbye Dennis. I will miss you so much and the rest of the guys too.

Thank God we still have great newspapers and people who care about our town and our local news.

Doreen Johnson