Rates keep rising

Despite being accident free for 55 years, auto insurance rates still going up

Just a quick note as I am wondering if I am the only one to be once again hit in the pocketbook by ICBC?

I just received my renewal insurance form for my pickup truck and see the rates have gone from $542 to $586, which is a $44 increase.

I have, with perhaps some luck, been accident free since I was licensed for the road over 55 years ago.

Over the years I have paid enough into the ICBC scam to have put a down payment on the horn of a Rolls Royce or the Jimmy Pattison yacht.

Surely I am not the only one involved in this latest ripoff that will go to more severance pay bonuses or incentive pay for employees of a corporation gone sour?

I was under the impression that the bad drivers would pay more and the good would benefit — I was wrong.

Here is another chance to stand as united drivers and tell those gluttons to put it where the sun don’t shine.

Tom Isherwood