Region’s wildlife needlessly slaughtered

A deer isn’t going to eat your cat, small dog or little toddler but a coyote will.

Re: Arlene Miller’s letter about the slaughter of the mother deer done by an obvious rookie conservation officer who had no clue that one shot to her heart would’ve killed her in a millisecond with no suffering.

Arlene, after reading your letter and getting to the part of how she suffered three shots to the head and was still alive, tears streamed down my face. Thank you for telling the city how cruelly the deer was shot, only you left out the part of what happened to her babies. Perhaps that part was too graphic to put in the paper or you forgot to mention?

Either way, those two babies didn’t deserve to lose their mother in such a horrific way, but I’m left to wonder if the officer slaughtered the babies in that same manner. If only you could’ve gotten that on video and shown our ignorant council members along with the whiners whose gardens are more precious than our wildlife that they’re culling the wrong animals. There is a far greater danger to this city: coyotes.

Doesn’t anyone other than me see the increase in coyotes since the deer are vanishing, or are you all too blind to notice?

A deer isn’t going to eat your cat, small dog or little toddler but a coyote will.

Hey people, wake up and smell the mountains full of wildlife we live amongst. We built our houses on wildlife animals’ homes. Duh! What part of that don’t you get?

For the people who think their gardens and yards are more precious than deer, move to a concrete jungle or just quit whining and fence in your gardens. As for our city council, I won’t vote for any of you because you’re all too ignorant to realize you’re culling the wrong animals. Deer aren’t the enemy here.

All wildlife animal haters need to move away from here and live in the concrete cities instead.

Speaking of being a serious animal lover, women especially need to know this. Those coats and other fur-trimmed or fur-lined clothing you buy that says “Made in China” on it, could be made from skinned alive cats, dogs, raccoons and other small animals. If you don’t believe me then I suggest you go to YouTube if you have a computer, and in the search panel type in “cat and dog fur farms”. Most of you won’t even be able to watch one minute of those videos. Some of you will watch the videos right through and be so sickened that you might throw up or just cry profusely. A few of you might even think the videos are fake. I’m telling you right now, they are not fake.

Several undercover animal rights activists along with PETA workers have gotten videos out of China to show the world the horrific suffering of animals in that country, all so you can have a fur-trimmed hat on a coat with fur lining inside it.

Synthetic fur, when burned, will melt and curl up, but if you take a piece of fur off those coats and take a lighter to it, it will singe just like hair, proving that it is in fact real fur.

I plead to everyone who loves animals not to buy fur-trimmed clothing that says “Made in China”.

Wendy Tapping