Regulations go overboard

Government regulations for sailboats on the Okanagan River Channel are ridiculous

I was very amused at the fact that the Okanagan River Channel is deemed “navigable waters” by Ministry of Transport. I agree that the criteria used (6. Minor Navigable Waters) does make it so and there is no problem with the “floaters”, kayaks and canoes.

To think that it is possible to take a sailboat from one end to the other, then lift out the vessel and take it back to the point of origin, since there is no way that the channel is wide enough for tacking back, especially without a keel, since it’s too shallow, makes it all a bit ridiculous.

Even more so, because the channel is blocked at both ends and has another bridge one third of the way down. There shouldn’t be a problem with DOF since another bridge would not affect whatever fish happen to use the channel. Having larger vessels using the channel during the summer would create a very serious safety problem as well. Hard to believe the lack of common sense in these situations.

I have sailed several oceans over the years as well as coastal waters, have my masters ticket, marine survey licence and marine design diploma, and find this discussion regarding a higher bridge a complete waste of time and money.

Karel Doruyter