Resident’s question on prison poll vote

First, thank you Mayor Ashton for receiving the No Prison petition at City Hall and answering questions from the people who were gathered there.

I asked you if you and the council would consider the upcoming poll vote to be binding on yourselves.

You replied that you could not speak for the council.  When asked if you would respect the vote, you replied, “Yes”.

When I asked you if you were in favour of or against the prison being in Penticton, you replied that you had not decided.

A lady asked why you and the council had forwarded proposals for a prison to be built here.  I was unable to hear your reply but would like to know what you said.

I have two questions for you and the council members and would sincerely appreciate hearing your individual replies:

1. (Council Only) Will the upcoming poll vote for prison or no prison be binding on yourselves?

2. (Mayor and Council)  Are you aware that hard drugs are being used within the B.C. prison system?

I do not wish to be rude in any way, but a quick reply to this letter to the editor will help myself and others to better understand what is happening.

Del Ferrel