Scriptures read like a puzzle

When you only have 400 words its hard to paint a full picture.

When you only have 400 words its hard to paint a full picture.

My article on tithing was in a whole of what has been going on, not necessarily or completely here. Many are aware of what’s going on, as the media has covered many of these stories.

Uniformity doesn’t always mean it’s the best overall or that it’s fact or truth. History can teach us this. The council of this and the council of that, the flesh feeling the need to control. Unified truth is good, but unified untruths aren’t. Take this and think it through.

I believe the church was to be in God’s hands and not man’s. It was what gave it power, not physical but spiritual. Some have heard the expression “kill them all and let God sort them out.” Maybe not the best example, as that is not what we are to do. The point is that we were to look at what the Bible says and not put man’s ideas or control over it. Let God sort that out. History shows what man has done.

Scriptures are like a puzzle. They become clear when all the pieces are put together. Like a painting, if I only show you a fraction of the painting it will make no sense and you cannot see the real beauty of it. Scriptures are the same. It takes all the pieces to show the beauty of what is being said. If you only have a portion of a puzzle or picture you are left with your own partial interpretation or the partial interpretation of someone else. Full interpretation is complete scripture which can often take time to find.

God’s plan is beautiful and it’s unfortunate that many do not see this. When one takes their time, they can see more of what was said and not base their belief on what they have heard others have said.

Could I have written my last letter differently, sure, we all could do things differently. One example: some will get what I was saying about the taxation, the majority will not see it was about faith. I do not hate any person(s) but I take issues with things said. I will promise everyone of every belief, when they reach perfection, let me know.

David Mercier