Seeing red

Premier Clark's decision to run red light serves as a bad example

For the purpose of this story, say any female single parent, running a red light at an early morning hour with her 11-year-old son and a male, non-family member (reporter) in her car, apparently rushing to a hockey game. The outcome of the infraction?

The 11-year-old is likely to be driving in five more years, a candidate for another news story? What an example. But wait, endangering the life of a child? Irresponsible, lacking good judgment?

Show your licence, step out of the car, breathalyzer or worse? Ticket, fine, suspension or impound? Perhaps allowances would be made, but depending on the person’s background, the child could even be in danger of being ordered into care.

Oh, it was the premier, we can never be too ‘Liberal’ can we? It was ‘wrong,’ says she, treating it as a ‘four-way stop’.

Is Christy’s campaign off the rails?

Buryl Jonas Slack