Senate blocks bill

Bill C393, the bill amending the “Access to Medicines Regime” — the bill that would make it possible for generic drugs to be sold at an affordable price to Africa — was passed by the House of Commons on March 25.

This bill was a private member’s bill, notorious for being hard to get through, but get through it did, by a large majority. The next step was to go to the Senate. A week was all the time left if an election was called.

The Senate had seen this bill before, it was not new to them, but despite a plea from Lowell Murray to pass it quickly, it was delayed for the week and that insured that it would die. Stephen Harper has named 37 senators since being prime minister.

These senators were lobbied by a prominent MP to cause delay. The question must be asked: How can an unelected Senate justify this purposeful subversion of the will of Parliament and its elected members?

Many people have great concern for the children of Africa who are doomed to die from HIV/AIDS because of a lack of affordable drugs. How can we allow this injustice to take place?

Sue Mackay-Smith