Senators rewarded for keeping things quiet

The Senate scandal is like business as usual among criminals.

The Senate scandal is like business as usual among criminals.

Should Mr. Harper not have come out right away, called for an investigation and fired those responsible?

By giving evasive answers, some mud will stick to Mr. Harper as well. But then again, no one can rise to the top without having a closet full of skeletons. Everything is just fine BBC, Bribes, Blackmail and Corruption.

I guess they have to protect each other because someone might detect the skeletons and the mighty will fall from grace. Severe cases of squealing could result in assassination as described in Looting Of America – Truthseeker, or could get a treat like Mayor Ford. As Plato already noticed, in the end the mob will rule the country.

Mr. Duffy and the other criminals in the upper house must have been goodfellows for hiding and obstructing truth, before becoming senators. The job in the senate is the reward for keeping things quite. If no reward, someone may rock the boat.

As I said in other letters, democracy breeds corruption. Now, after I got the hang of the system, I have to revise my thinking and say, democracy is an invention off organized crime and the Mafia is their student. Some even accept bribes, stuffed in envelopes and call this consulting fees. The professional bribers perfected their bribing to a fine art and they call this lobbying

I used to have faith in politicians, that they are telling the public the truth, but my believe is in the gutter. The politicians, since the early 1900s keep us in the dark and feed us steer manure like a mushrooms. Our parliaments are overcrowded by people with minority background, who may even own two passports and the people of Canada are not their concern.

Otto Sturhahn