Sending a signal

Penticton drivers need to learn to use their turn signals when making a turn

I would just like to say a little beef that I have with the drivers in the City of Penticton. Why is it that no one uses there turn signals? They are right there at 10 and two when holding the steering wheel, and every time you turn that steering wheel your hand actually is in contact with the activater that allows the other drivers on the road to know what your intentions are. I feel so guilty when I forget to turn mine on in time, and it only happens when I am in the turning lane with several cars in front of me.

The fact that it is a privilege to drive, not a right, and all the people that have no consideration for the other people on the road just blows my mind.

I have better things to do then vent to a newspaper, and no wonder there is road rage, but when I was going out to my mother’s for dinner last night and I had a driver in front of me with a dog at the steering wheel and the driver using all lanes with no idea he had traffic around him, it made me very, very angry.

I think the drivers in this city and all others should get their heads out of the clouds and follow the rules of the road.

Joe Skoropat