Sewing up support

The Mirror Image Room provides services to patients going through chemotherapy and often losing their hair

The fall season brings the time for awareness of many cancer related activities such as the Terry Fox Run, Run for the Cure, Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October) as well as Prostate Cancer Awareness Month (November). Support for these is always generous and appreciated.

The Mirror Image Room, located in the Canadian Cancer Society office, across from City Hall, would also like to make people aware of the services we provide to patients going through chemotherapy and often losing their hair. It is a traumatic time in a person’s life as we are often identified by our looks, especially our hair.  Not only is a cancer diagnosis life-altering, but the loss of hair coinciding with this adds a great deal of stress.

The Mirror Image Room provides wigs and headwear completely free of charge.  We help clients select a wig or two suitable to their needs and provide them with information on care as well as the shampoo and conditioner.  Other types of headwear such as turbans and hats are also available. These items are all donated and we always appreciate donations to our room.

At present we are looking for people who would be willing to do some sewing for us and provide us with needed turbans and hats.  Also donations of stretchy fabric such as swimsuit fabric would be much appreciated.  If you are able to sew, please call the Canadian Cancer Society office at 250-490-9681.

Evelyn Markin, co-ordinator


Mirror Image Room