Silence not the way to go

No, the Penticton Herald and the Penticton Western News should not follow suit.

No, the Penticton Herald and the Penticton Western News should not follow suit.

Mr. Martens of Summerland would prefer you not read this.  If I mention Phil Jones, the hockey-stick scam or conspiracy, I’d be muzzled. Point out David Suzuki’s wacky ways, his questionable ties to the CBC, his multimillion dollar beachfront properties, I’d be silenced.

Tell the inconvenient truth about Al Gore‘s lies and shady past, especially with Enron’s scheming Ken Lay, I’d be banished.

Cap and trade, derivatives and carbon offsets and taxes, they’re all questionable, and none is a solution.

Debate verboten, Mr Martens?

The IPCC is not a scientific panel.  It is intergovernmental.  It is Agenda 21, the plan for world government in this century.  It is not pretty.

Yes, there are many honest scientists doing good work, but speaking out against the panel’s policies and/or terms of reference can be a costly misstep in any good doctor’s career.  Baby-boomers grew up believing the UN was a good idea.

The 1992 Rio Summit seemed like a good idea, at the time, but it spawned Agenda21 and the whole, crazy idea about sustainability.  In truth, nothing in this universe is sustainable for long, and everything is as changeable as the weather.

That’s the trick. They’re forcing a lie upon us that enslaves us.  Do the research, while we still can. Climate deniers?  Another trick.  It reminds us of holocaust deniers, doesn‘t it.  Should GMO deniers also be removed?  Should flu-shot deniers disappear?  Smart-meters?  Harper?

These simplistic ideas are so toxic and way too reminiscent of memory-holes, thought-police and mass mind-control.

Anyone supporting the LA Times’ censorship policy is no friend to freedom, transparency, and intellectual honesty.

“Those who don’t remember history are condemned to repeat it.”  Mr. Martens seems to have forgotten this, even at Remembrance Day.

Geoff Burton