Startled by visitor

Resident grateful to police officers who removed three-foot bull snake from doorstep

I think I may have invented a new dance step. One foot in the air, hop backward on the other foot accompanied by a small screech. That is what happened when I opened my back door and almost stepped on a snake. Some of you won’t understand the fuss, as you are used to snakes. However, this was my first up-close and personal contact with a snake.

My back door is inside a three-sided carport. I have no idea why he came or why he was settled and not about to go anywhere.

Now the question is, what do I do? After more than two hours on the phone being shuffled to various agencies, I was still at square one. I did find out some interesting things. I found out if he had black eyes he wouldn’t bite, yellow eyes he was poisonous. Good to know. He had little, beady black eyes. Still I did not want to invite him in.

In desperation, I finally called our local police number. Within half an hour, two police officers came, humanely trapped him, put him in a box, and said they would release him up the hill.

With all the negative stories we keep hearing about police officers, I thought I would share a good story. The two officers are definitely my heroes. The police are still the ones who will protect and care for us when needed. Thank you gentleman. I will be eternally grateful for your assistance.

Oh, he turned out to be a three-foot-long bull snake.

Marlene Lane