Students treated with respect

Students come to defence of Penticton teacher accused of making inappropriate comments

In response to the allegations made against Penticton teacher Miko McGrady in the Oct. 17 Western News:

I’m a second-year university student at UBC Okanagan here in Kelowna. I had Miko McGrady as a teacher for four years and was in the class where he reportedly made ‘homophobic and other off-colour remarks to students.’

I’m confident in saying these accusations are exaggerated and of questionable motivation. There were students in the class who would show no respect for him and they would yell and scream inappropriate things, it drove me and the majority of the other students crazy. No one should have to deal with that, especially a teacher.

In my opinion, if you were to ask any of his other students from any grade you would hear that he was an awesome teacher who was easy to connect with and treated us as young adults rather than children. He was one of my favourites if not my favourite teacher, and I believe this has gone too far at the expense of some disrespectful teens who didn’t want to fail.

It is sad that this article painted him in such a way and parents who have to deal with him should not be concerned, he is an excellent teacher. People should bear in mind that every story has two sides and it would be a shame to see a teacher of his talent be suspended or even have his teaching certificate reprimanded because only one side was taken into account.

Christopher Kopp


Former student of Miko McGrady