Summerland Council bypasses OCP

Removing land from the ALR only benefits developers whose only ambition is to buy up land and then flip it for a profit

Using ‘designer surveys’ and high-priced ‘specialists’ is an underhanded way for politicians to get a green light to continue to pursue their personal and political ambitions.

Summerland councillors have also been engaged in an ongoing attack on the Official Community Plan.

By insisting the OCP is a ‘fluid’ document that can be changed on a whim any time for any reason, like the rezoning of Rattlesnake Mountain, the OCP has been torn to shreds.

Why the preoccupation with tall buildings that will only serve as huge eye sores, and be incredibly expensive to service, when we already have about 500 serviced lots in the centre of town waiting to be filled?

Removing land from the ALR only benefits developers whose only ambition is to buy up land and then flip it for a profit.

Developers are speculators, and our city council has absolutely no business catering to their greedy demands.

Nobody wanted a jail in their backyard, but the mayor defiantly continued an aggressive campaign to do just that.

The city has no mandate to destroy our quality of life and to grow our beautiful city big and ugly like Kelowna.

Densification of our downtown core defies logic and will only result in more personal and recreational vehicles being pushed out onto our already cluttered public boulevards.

To continue to buy those carbon credit coupons is also about as bizarre as it can get. Buying those worthless pieces of paper does not change our carbon footprint one iota and must stop.

And why is the city pumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into the chamber every year?

The success of local businesses is not the responsibility of local taxpayers.

The ongoing funding to the chamber must be cut by at least a quarter of a million dollars a year. That money is desperately needed to repair our basic infrastructures.

It’s also time to kick the chamber and those high-priced consultants and ‘specialists’ out of the back rooms at City Hall and to reopen those doors to the citizens.

It’s disturbing to see how our city councilors have disconnected from the people and their statutory roles as our public trustees.

Andy Thomsen