Summerland seniors facility making progress

Writer disagrees with union comments on Summerland Seniors Village.

I am writing regarding the situation facing seniors and care staff at the Summerland Seniors Village (Summerland seniors facility copes with high staff turnover, March 13).

Members of the Hospital Employees’ Union who work at Summerland Seniors Village take a great deal of pride in the work they do providing quality care for seniors and others who require their assistance.

For some months now, the operators of Summerland Seniors Village have been working closely with Interior Health to make changes that will allow more seniors to be admitted to available beds at the facility. Our members look forward to welcoming new residents to Summerland Seniors Village, and providing them with a high level of care and support.

The comments made by our union to the Penticton Western News did not reflect the progress that has been made towards this goal, as result of the collaboration between the facility operator, Interior Health and our members.

Bonnie Pearson,

secretary-business manager Hospital Employees’ Union