Swimmer raring to go

Hello, I am Amanda Van Os. I’m 14 years old and I’m a member of the Penticton KISU Swim Club. I live in Penticton.

I have heard that some of the council wants to keep our new pool closed for this summer, to cut costs, although it will be ready to swim in for June. KISU will have been without a home pool for 14 months (if it opens on June 1), and I would very much like to swim in our new Penticton pool.

I do not understand why you’re considering not opening the pool if it’s ready to swim in. It’s costing my family extra time and money to drive back and forth, three or four times a week, to Summerland’s pool, Kelowna’s H2O and Oliver’s outdoor pool. So please make sure us swimmers, and my community can swim in our new pool when it’s ready on June 1.

Amanda Van Os