Switching the dial

Staff at Giant FM did a lot to promote local talent

Where has Giant FM gone? On Friday, I listened to Dennis Walker in the morning. When I tuned my station to 100.7 FM later that afternoon, it was no longer Giant FM. Instead, it was Country 100.7, promoting 5,000 consecutive songs.

I don’t want a radio station that plays 5,000 songs consecutively; I want a radio station that promotes our community. I have had the pleasure to listen to Dennis and Kevin Berar interview many local performers on air, one of them being my daughter, Nikita. Yes, I may be biased, but the people at Giant FM supported local talent.

Where else can upcoming artists have the opportunity to listen to their own songs on the local radio station? In my opinion, the loss of Giant FM is a huge blow to our community. I am saddened that Newcap has decided to venture in a different direction.

If I want to listen to a detached, impersonal radio station, I will just listen to Sirius Satellite radio. I wish all the best to the incredible Giant FM crew. Country 100.7, you have no place on my radio dial.

Ana Afonso