Team owed an apology

Parent upset with coverage of high school volleyball

This letter is in response to Emanuel Sequeira’s sports article” Lakers remain Halloween kings” that appeared in the Nov. 2, edition of the Penticton Western.

I would first like to congratulate the young women of Pen High’s volleyball team on winning the tournament over the weekend. It takes commitment, dedication and determination to belong to a sports team. Thus my astonishment that Mr Sequeria would end this wonderful article about the Pen High Lakers to announce that Princess Margaret finished last.

Was there any reason to add this to the article? Did you even watch a game that Maggie played? In a society where obesity, diabetes and heart disease is prevalent in our youth, should we not be empowering our young adults to stay fit and be active?

As a parent of a Maggie student on the volleyball team, it broke my heart to read this last statement. These young women at Maggie also show great commitment, dedication and determination for a sport they love. What was the reason to humiliate these young women in your article? Mr. Sequeira, I believe that you owe the Princess Margaret Senior girls volleyball team an apology.

Laurie Matthies


Okanagan Falls