The road to ruin

Olalla letter writer takes a jab at ICBC job action.

As I wrote in a previous letter, every waking day another scandal rises to the surface, with job action here, there and everywhere becoming a daily part of the mostly innocent public diet.

Now ICBC employees want a kick at the can to see how much they can squeeze out of an already empty purse.

I believe in the not too distant past these same people were wallowing in bonus and incentive pay while riding a gravy train fuelled by public dents, mismanagemet and heavy greed at the top floor.

Joey and Joy Clean Driver, along with Tommy, have to help pay for exorbitant raises in their insurance premiums due to no fault of their own.

My advice to the ICBC kings and queens in charge of the scam is to grab a pen and do the drivers of B.C. a favour by writing them-selves off under the title of road kill.

Tom Isherwood