The saga of the gambler

Letter for those in South Okanagan and beyond that live in distress because of gambling government game.

Broke, disheartened and all alone, I found little comfort throwing up while sitting on a casino throne.

I have no money, no job, no phone, my wife and children are gone along with our home. I was different I said, addiction to gambling could never happen to me; but here I am at the end of my gambling spree.

I noticed the number for help on the toilet door, but who arrests the one-armed bandits on the casino floor? I realized too late that I was in major trouble, but why ask for help from those who helped to burst my bubble?

I swallowed addiction as my willpower caved in and will never believe what a sin-bin I’m in. I thought my willpower was strong and firm, and I could gamble for fun and pleasure — never dreaming my life would change forever.

Thanks to the government of today for providing different means to gamble all day. Now they have me every day. I can hardly wait for welfare day to challenge one-armed bandits with a hammer today.

This letter is written for all those that lost it all and now live in distress and emotional shame on account of no will power to repel the seedy gambling government game.

Tom Isherwood