The voters are watching

Orwell did not expect that big brother would enter the equation as one of the ones being watched

In 1949, George Orwell published Nineteen Eighty-Four, a dystopian and satirical novel, where society is tyrannized and controlled by its rulers. In the novel, we are introduced to the concept that “Big Brother is watching you.” Sixty-three years after the novel’s publication, Big Brother is not the only one watching us. It’s everyone. Your private life is forever gone.

However, I am sure that 63 years later Orwell did not expect that big brother would enter the equation as one of the ones being watched. One of the wonders of the digital age is that governments and people in authority cannot hide behind their power anymore. Bloggers are lurking in the shadows everywhere waiting to expose any crumb of secrecy they can connect with.

This brings me to Penticton city council who either through ignorance or just sheer lack of common dog sense attempt to foster the most inept plans for Penticton. What they have not figured is that “Big Voters” are watching them. The hockey dormitory debacle is a case that will stay in the annals of Penticton council’s spuriousness.

The proposed changes to Lakeshore Drive sound like an idea that came from Mars. Lakeshore Drive is a tourist and local shrine and should be left as is.

What will be the next shot in the foot by Penticton council? I predict it will be the proposed deer count in the fall. Deer counters will be provided with horse blinkers so that their count will be less in the fall than it was in the spring.

The three-legged deer that gave birth to three fawns in our garden last spring have been visiting throughout the summer. I would like the deer counters to add them to their tally. To save my garden, I thwarted them with netting over the vegetables and grew my tomatoes in pots on the deck. Over the long weekend, I moved the pots to the garden, and low and behold the tomatoes were devoured by the interlopers in front of my very eyes. I froze in shocked disbelief when mamma deer leaned back on its good three hoofs and pointed its gamy leg at me like it was a pistol. I expected a stump through the heart. My eyes glazed over. I broke down, trembling with fear searching for a weapon to defend myself. I surrendered and gave them free range in the garden. It looks like they are bedding in for the winter. What are you supposed to do?

I truly love wildlife but feel my altruism is obviously being taken advantage of. Wild animals should be in the forest, not in the city.

Jim Calvert