Times are a changing in Canadian politics

The votes are in and counted. Change is in the wind. To think otherwise would be pure folly. The Conservatives are now the political tour directors for the next four years or so. Depending on your political stance, this may be good, bad or indifferent.

The political arena has changed. The venue is still the same. However, the key players are different. What was is no more. What the next four years will bring is up for grabs. The Conservatives will be the tour guide and bus driver and all of the rest will be along for the ride.

Yet, there may be a few small side trips for those who are the riders, just to make things interesting. For the next four years, give or take, the planning, the navigation and the driving might be likened to the old Greyhound motto: “Take a ride; go Greyhound and leave the driving to us.”

Anyone other than me remember this?

There are political wounds that will need attention. This will be especially true with the Bloc and Liberal parties as being “stuck on Band-Aid” wasn’t enough. After revisiting their political status, both the Liberals and the Bloc will now seek new leaders. This emulates sports teams that don’t win or do well. When the team is not winning, the coach is fired and replaced.

Time will tell. It’s a wait and see thing.

True, Jack Layton and company made Canadian political history. The party is the official opposition. This is unprecedented. However, having said that, what specific power does that give? Not too much, I suspect. As grandiose as his dream for Canada and Canadians might be, he fails to realize that he is not in the driver’s seat at this time. He is not the planner, the navigator or the driver. He’s just a passenger who is sitting near the driver.

The Conservatives (at least for the next four years or so) are now in a position to put forth a plan that may be questioned but that cannot be thwarted. This is both good and bad. Time will tell which. The NDP and Jack Layton are still basking in the limelight of “The little engine that could.” There is still an attitude of “I think I can; I think I can.” Again, time will tell.

In the final analysis, will Canada be the better for the outcome of this election? Who knows?

It is still a wait and see scenario and the proof of the pudding will be in the eating. What’s your favorite flavour, mine’s tapioca.

Ron Barillaro