Torture never acceptable

MP should voice his opposition to the use of torture

This is an open letter to Okanagan Coquihalla MP Dan Albas.

As a proud Canadian I particularly want to distance myself from any endorsement of torture.

I am sure other citizens in your riding are opposed to the use of torture and I cannot believe that anyone with respect for human rights can condone it. I certainly expect better from you.

To remind you of what you appear to have forgotten, I recommend a visit to the following links (you will have to cut and paste both of them):” and”

I believe that authorizing CSIS to use torture brands the Conservative government as a disgrace to our nation and, as a consequence, all of the citizens of our nation, not just those who allowed Prime Minister Harper to become a dictator, have to bear the same stigma.

Are you in favour of torture? Please let me know.

John Gillick