Vandalism sparks concerns

South end of Winnipeg Street targeted by vandals in recent weeks

Recent acts of vandalism along the south end of Winnipeg Street give reason for some concern. These are random acts by sick minds that make us very nervous and feeling insecure to live in this city.

Within the last two years, the bus stop shelter glass panels were smashed twice and the aluminum picket fence along 849 Winnipeg St. has been damaged several times over the same period.

Recently, Dr. Prabhu’s picture window at his office at 847 Winnipeg St. received an air-gun shot in the centre that put a hole in the outer pane. The newly installed wooden fence at 711 Winnipeg St. was severely damaged.

Perhaps some cameras installed at strategic locations on a temporary bases could catch these criminals, although I hate to be subjected to being monitored. Better yet, we all keep our eyes and ears open to detect aberrant behaviour and report it.

Rolf Loth