Vehicle for change

Penticton resident challenges drivers to think twice

Gas prices can be beat. It’s easy, no more drive thru, no more school runs, get the kids to run, get out of that SUV.

SUV means silly ugly vehicle. Make sure your vehicle is tuned up, with correct tire inflation, not gas inflation, and do not run the motor to warm it up.

Modern vehicles are not like the old carburetor clunkers of yesteryear that had to warm up.

If you’re sitting in your vehicle waiting for school to be out, get out of your vehicle and talk to the people around you, after all your children go to school with the person’s child they are waiting for.

If you really have to drive, let your child out a half-mile from school. Let them get fresh air before school.

If we all did a little to quell the thirst for gas, the oil companies might take heed.

R. Robertson