Vet displays compassion

I was surprised and sorry to learn about veterinarian Dr. Steve Harvey’s reprimand by the B.C. Veterinary Medical Association as reported in the April 8 Western News.

I know nothing about the case which resulted in this action and feel sympathy for the dog owner involved, as it is undoubtedly an emotionally devastating experience to lose one’s canine family member, especially at such a young age.

Our experience with Dr. Harvey, however, has been quite different from what was reported in your article. He has cared for our pets, both dog and cats, as an exceptionally empathetic and competent vet over the past 14 years. In fact, I haven’t trusted my pets with anyone else, since walking away from another vet in town.

Dr. Harvey works hours that many other vets won’t take anymore and donates his services to helping wild injured birds-of-prey at the South Okanagan Rehabilitation Centre for Owls in Oliver. He was at his clinic on his day off to ease us through the euthanasia of our beloved 12-year-old black lab and spent over an hour trying to remove a foreign body from our cat by endoscope lasso rather than resort to surgery.

Although the vet board may have concluded that there was misconduct in the case you reported on, our ongoing experience with this vet has been most positive and we will have no hesitation about continuing to seek his care.

Laure Neish