Volunteers appreciated

Volunteer Appreciation Week will soon be here — April 10 to 16. While volunteers are to be recognized at all times, this is a time we consciously celebrate the contributions and dedication of all volunteers.

The staff of the South Okanagan Seniors Wellness Society are so very thankful and appreciative of the commitment our volunteers make to enhance the lives of seniors in our community, whether it be through the Friendly Visitor Program, Learning in Retirement, serving on our board of directors or in other capacities.

Our volunteers come from all walks of life, representing all ages and demographics. They work to improve the lives of their neighbours and, in return, enhance their own lives as well. Volunteers are the lifeblood of our society and of our community, assisting us to assist our seniors by providing a sense of connectedness and well-being. Volunteering allows one to give of themselves, share life experiences and express their human values of community and caring.

Our society, and the seniors we serve, benefit from the skills and expertise of a core group of approximately 70 volunteers. Volunteers organize, lead, visit, communicate, befriend and lend a helping hand where needed. They are the young and the old and the in-between and Penticton would be a much less desirable place to live without them.

We recognize and pay tribute to all volunteers during Volunteer Appreciation Week.

Evelyn Blaine, Nicole Swetlishoff, Kelly Smith


South Okanagan Seniors Wellness Society