Volunteers should be treasured

Penticton resident thankful for volunteers in the community.

To all volunteers, messengers of light and love:

This past week, I’ve asked and received help from a volunteer and started to understand what unconditional love really is. A lot has been written on this yet I didn’t understand what it really meant.

To give one’s time and compassion freely to someone in need of help – what a wondrous thing this is. Now understanding what we have to share with one another is a gift.

Volunteers give of themselves everyday with a smile helping me to understand how beautiful life is.

Love in its purest sense available to each of us to give and receive with thanks. A smile, greeting or a thank you all gift to acknowledge needed to feel love.

Each time I think about this experience it brings tears to my eyes and joy to my heart being aware of God’s presence in all of us. I give thanks for this life and all who share it with wonders to behold.

Penticton is a wonderful place to live and the people are a blessing. Truly heaven on earth to be part of it all. Thank you volunteers for helping me to understand and feel all of this. A gift I treasure every moment.

Dora Wells