Voters have spoken

Candidate grateful for support received from the community

As a candidate, a civic election campaign is a truly a psychological marathon. Time management is king. Dozens of questionnaires, numerous forums, speech preparation, meetings with all and sundry special-interest groups, sign design, placement and replacement, advertising design and booking, campaign budget, neighbourhood selection for door knocking, and poppy management (with all the to and fro, I lost five in one day before finally securing one with a Canadian flag pin), etc. Win or lose, it is truly energizing to engage with people and the other candidates on the issues.

I finished 92 votes out of sixth, 109 votes out of fifth place. I will always wonder if I left that many votes on the windshields at the community centre. And, so it goes. Only worry about the things that you can change. . .

To the 3,125 thoughtful souls that supported me in the election, thank you. To those that pay attention and are engaged in our community, thank you. To those that made time to vote, thank you.

Special thanks to Elvena and Ernie Slump for their help, support and enduring civic passion.

My sincere best wishes to our mayor and new council for an inspiring and enlightened three years.

Gary Leaman