World is more dangerous

Of all President Obama’s mistakes during his life, his worst mistake during his first term was to throw Israel under the bus

I disagree with NDP MP Atamanenko: On Nov. 6, after the U.S. election the world became much more dangerous. Of all President Obama’s mistakes during his life, his worst mistake during his first term was to throw Israel under the bus.

Obama made very clear how much he disrespects Israel: With Iran getting closer to building the atomic bomb, Obama decided he would be more comfortable in the company of the ladies on The View and visiting his pal as a guest on the David Letterman show. Obama refused to see the Israeli prime minister.

This month the Israeli air force (IAF) flew a rehearsal combat mission 2,500 miles one way — air refueling their F-15 aircraft to Khartoum return, the capital city of Sudan. The target was one of Iran’s missile factories which builds the rockets the Hamas Palestinians use against Israel. Prior to Israeli air force action in the Gaza Strip Nov. 14, the Palestinians had launched more than 100 of those rockets against Israeli targets. In the next 24 hours they launched 250 more rockets. Sudan is on the hit list — it is just a matter of time before those people feel the wrath of Israel.

The Sudan mission was leaked by the Israelis because it was meant to be leaked. The warning was that the IAF could hit any target in Iran anytime they choose to. Had Obama maintained the historically strong U.S. Israeli alliance — meaning the Americans would support the Israelis on an air strike against Iran — the use of nuclear weapons would not necessarily be used.

Now that the Israelis realize they are on their own, they must prepare to use their nuclear weapons. Many Arab and Muslim countries could be attacked. If Syria attacks Israel on the Golan Heights — Iran, being an ally, will support Syria. Egypt has recalled its ambassador from Israel. The Muslim brotherhood government in Cairo, soon after being elected, called for Israel to be wiped out. If Syria uses chemical weapons or the Iranians use nuclear weapons against Israel — the entire Middle East will likely be destroyed.

Egyptian forces have been scrapping with Israeli forces on Israel’s borders for the past few months. Israel’s Sinai Desert buffer zone is gone — it was given back to Egypt in exchange for a peace treaty. The Israelis are prepared to attack wherever necessary. Unfortunately for Egypt, the war the Muslim Brotherhood has wanted may come much sooner than they had predicted.

The war will likely be similar to the 1967 six-day war when Israel pre-empted all Arab air forces — wiping out most of their aircraft while they were on the ground. The changes to the Arab and Muslim way of life will last forever. The one thing in Egypt that may survive will likely be the pyramids. The Israeli nukes are many times more powerful than were the atomic bombs that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The Israeli people have said since the end of the Second World War: “There will never be another holocaust.” Unfortunately for the entire world,the tired old Arab and Muslim men who run their destitute countries, if they survive, will discover the hard way, living in peace with Israel would have been the better alternative.

Ernie Slump