Youth can shape future

The younger generation have the power to change things and also have an obligation to do so

There has been much discussion lately regarding getting our younger people out to vote.  It seems to me that over the years the younger generation has become disillusioned and has lost faith in the system that incorporates and supports corruption, favoritism and intimidation.   Can’t say I blame them — most of us feel that way.

However, someone once said that a nation of sheep breeds a government of wolves.  How true!  Our politicians have proven time and again that they are primarily concerned with their own fortunes.  But this can be stopped.  We older citizens who are voting for change do not have the numbers to address these problems by ourselves.

You, the younger generation, have the power to change things and you also have a concomitant obligation to do so.  If not for yourselves, then for future generations — lest they look back at you with disdain, much as you do.

We have governments at all levels that are propelling myriad costs into the future in order to get re-elected.  You and your children should not be stuck with these Ponzi schemes and our bills.  Only you can say “Enough”.

Enough to shareholder greed;  enough to rip-off banking laws; enough to corporate bailouts; enough to unaffordable education; enough to joblessness; enough to homelessness; enough to hungry children; enough to patients in hospital hallways; enough to not caring for people with special needs; enough to poverty; enough to neglected infrastructure … the list goes on.

Some people say that all this can’t be solved at once.  Fine.  Solve one challenge at a time, rather than spending billions on projects that are not required or are just politically motivated.

To the younger generations who are not satisfied with the status quo: it’s time to speak up.  It’s time to act.  Tell your politicians how it’s going to be from now on.  Provide to all political parties your concerns as a petition with items prioritized.   Then, at election time, get out in droves to support the candidates that will truly represent you.

You can, and should, change the future of Canada.  You have the opportunity to make this a kinder, more caring place.

Patrick MacDonald