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Fortis shares concerns over rate increases

I am writing in response to the Jan. 21, column “Rate increase a shock to the system”, in order to clarify several points.
Government run by big business

Government run by big business

Climate plans make sense

Today’s rapidly escalating energy prices, such as Fortis’ planned 11.6 per cent increase and the rising price of gas at the pumps, underscore the need for us to examine how we consume energy and fuel. It’s only one of the reasons why the City of Penticton is considering two climate action plans — one for the city operations and one for the community. These action plans will save taxpayers money and have a positive impact on the environment.

City should protect what it already has

We do live in a very strange world. An uproar and refusal to build a park behind Munson Mountain. Now Penticton council wishes us to have a prison in this district.

Guarding the status quo

Penticton has succumbed to the universal error that progress means change. A desire to compete with what is now viewed as social convention, has cost this community not only millions in misplaced dollars, but the very unique and very abundant harvest for which the Okanagan was known in decades past.

Determining what makes up a good school

Do your kids go to a good school? I wonder how often parents ask this question.

HST sales pitch carries more cost

The provincial government wants to sell you on the wonders of the Harmonized Sales Tax. Not surprising, since they are the major proponents of the Yes side in the referendum scheduled for September, which will decide the future of the reconfigured sales tax system.

Dreaming of a good night’s sleep

Kick, turn, roll, flip — it’s the regular exercise I get every night as I try and fall asleep,

Prison would damage region’s image

The South Okanagan’s public image has been enhanced over the years through tourism, wine production, agriculture and outdoor sports, plus the scenic value of its surrounding landscape.

Change needed to education

Education as we know it needs a change in direction to meet 21st century educational needs. Because of a global awakening and technological advancement, the old style of education that many of today’s parents and grandparents experienced, isn’t enough now. There needs to be a realization that we no longer live the way that we used to. Our educational philosophy may be outdated. We should no longer teach the way that we may have been taught.