BCHL announces rules and governance changes

The British Columbia Hockey League announced changes to take effect this season and next

THE BRITISH COLUMBIA HOCKEY League announces rule changes for this season and next.

THE BRITISH COLUMBIA HOCKEY League announces rule changes for this season and next.

The BCHL’s 2016 semiannual governors meeting held last week in Richmond resulted in several rules and governance changes moving forward.

A pair of changes take effect immediately:

· — Any play resulting in contact with a goaltender may be submitted to the BCHL office for video review. Injury is not required for a review to be requested.

— With respect to tie-breaker criteria in the standings, the following tie-breaker has been added as the third way to determine the top team: “Team having the most wins in games against each other.”

The following changes will take effect starting in the 2016-17 season:

· — There will be no automatic penalty shot awarded for a penalty in 3-on-3 double overtime. Instead, if a team is penalized in double overtime, a 4-on-3 power play will result. If a team is penalized at any point in overtime such that a two-man advantage is called for, a 5-on-3 power play will result. Play will revert to 4-on-4, or 3-on-3, at the first stoppage after the power play ends.

— Goaltenders will be required to change ends prior to the start of the first overtime and will remain at that end for the second overtime.

— Teams will not be permitted to start main training camp prior to August 22, 2016. There will be no team activities of any kind permitted on August 20 or 21, 2016.

— The start date for the coming season will be Sept. 9, 2016. The season end date will be Feb. 26, 2017. Round 1 of the playoffs will start on March 3, 2017.

— The fifth Bauer BCHL Showcase will be held Sept. 22 to 25, 2016 at Prospera Centre in Chilliwack.