BCHL Bulldogs look to be staying in Port Alberni

It appears that the Alberni Valley Bulldogs are staying put.

It appears that the Alberni Valley Bulldogs are staying put.

The Port Alberni Junior Hockey Society announced earlier this week that they have reached an agreement in principle with the Okanagan Hockey Academy to purchase the Bulldogs.

OHA president Andy Oakes said the deal still needs approval by the BCHL and for both sides to sign off, but he’s confident that will happen.

Oakes described the community of Port Alberni as a small proud one, especially of their hockey team.

“Unfortunately, they have seen some economic hard times over the last few years to the lumber and the fishing industry,” said Oakes. “I think this is a great group of people in the community that have stepped up to try to acquire the team. Keep it part of community. They really feel it’s a fabric of their community.”

Oakes hopes to continue to see the support in Port Alberni and that fans will support the team at the box office. He also wishes they have success in the standings. When it came to dealing with the PAJHS, Oakes said it has been a good process with open communication.

“They have been working extremely hard to do fundraising,” he said. “It’s been good. It has been a different business deal than from a private owner to private owner.”

The OHA decided to put the Bulldogs up for sale so they could put their focus and energy back to the academy.