Bull no match for Penticton rider

Eneas rides twice and leaves Summerland event with $2,000 in his jean pockets

CHAD ENEAS had a reason to smile as he won the Summerland Pro Bullriding Stampede on Saturday. Below

CHAD ENEAS had a reason to smile as he won the Summerland Pro Bullriding Stampede on Saturday. Below

Penticton’s Chad Eneas pocketed $2,000 during the Summerland Pro Bullriding Stampede on Saturday.

“It’s not bad for 16 seconds,” said Eneas, who scored 79 in the long go and 80.5 in the short go, helping him also take the average. “It was fun. In the first round I got on a bull I didn’t know much about.”

Eneas said he found the bulls to be on the wild side, but that didn’t hold him back from being a winner. Eneas said he felt a sense of accomplishment, especially because Bull Riders Canada. leader Kyle Primeau finished behind him.

Penticton had a second entry in Shaun Greenhough. The 17-year-old, who competes in the BC Rodeo Association in high school, said it was pretty good. Only one thing put a damper on his experience.

“They kind of rushed me out of the chutes,” he said. “When I got on, getting my rope ready, they opened the gate before I could even sit on my rope. It kind of messed me up for that. I had to hustle a bit more.”

Greenhough managed to stay on for six seconds before getting bucked off and having his day end. The top six from the long go advanced to the short go. Despite the early finish, Greenhough still enjoyed it, especially being around a lot of top bull riders.

With 30 top bull riders in the spotlight, the grounds attracted a crowd of 3,000. Eneas said the grand stands were packed and was surprised by how many people came out. He hopes another event will be held there.

“I think I might start trying to put on some bull riding, if people want to see that kind of stuff,” said Eneas, who also brought home a trophy with him.

Eneas said if anyone is interested in partnering up to host an event, they can contact him at spuraspinner@gmail.com.

Summerland Pro Bullriding Stampede organizer Matt Darmody couldn’t be reached for comment.