Challenge Penticton seeking volunteers

Challenge Penticton seeks volunteers and offering Volunteer Hub for positions to be chosen

CHALLENGE PENTICTON  is seeking volunteers for its 2014 race coming up on Aug.24.

CHALLENGE PENTICTON is seeking volunteers for its 2014 race coming up on Aug.24.

With only two months before the start of the second annual Valley First Challenge Penticton, the organization is in full recruiting mode for its required 2,500 volunteers.

While many people come back each year to volunteer for this event, there is always room for new recruits to join the ranks.

Recruiting, organizing and assigning volunteers to jobs is a difficult task. This year Sarah Dixon, volunteer co-ordinator, has been instrumental in implementing the use of new software known as Volunteer Hub to handle much of that organizing work. Now Dixon is looking for the volunteers to fill all the job slots. All volunteers, whether experienced or new, will be required to sign up on Volunteer Hub. Once you are registered, then you can pick and choose jobs that interest you as well as pick a shift that is convenient for you. Getting everyone registered is important so the organization can make sure they get volunteer shirts ordered and all the shifts and positions are covered. With 2,500 volunteers required, there should be a job and shift that suits someone and helps athlete guests achieve their personal goals.

For those individuals that want a bit more responsibility and have that organizing gene coursing through their veins, Challenge has four captains positions available: pedestrian traffic control, men’s change tent and women’s change tent and an assistant captain for access control. Our captains are responsible for organizing and following up with their volunteers, planning shifts and helping with some directions. As a volunteer captain you would report to your section co-ordinator and volunteer hub will be the link needed to help recruit and plan an area.

Worried about not having the skills or knowledge and therefore holding back on volunteering? Worry no more. Challenge will be holding training sessions specifically for aid station workers on both the bike and run courses on July 27 at 9a.m. at the Penticton Community Centre. There will be one morning and afternoon session to train all aid station workers new and experienced. There will be one hour of classroom time, followed by two hours of practical hands on experience. Two aid stations will be set up in the Community Centre parking lot, one for the bike and one for the run.

There will be athlete volunteers coming through the stations to teach the do’s and don’t’s of aid station work. This interactive session will call on those with lots of experience to share their knowledge and help everyone become the best aid station workers anywhere. Anyone with an interest, good attitude, looking for a great experience and the opportunity to meet some new friends to join for these three-hour sessions.

Contact Challenge Penticton at and click on the link to Volunteer Now. This will take people out to Volunteer Hub where they can register then go and select a job and shift that suits them. Those who have questions for Dixon can call 250-276-2159 on the volunteer phone line. All calls will be either answered or returned within 24 hours. Alternatively, starting June 28 they will be located at the intersection of Main/Westminster/Front Street during the Saturday Market. Potential volunteers can be signed up right there and be entered into Volunteer Hub.

On Sunday, Aug. 24, 2014 the inaugural half individual and half relay will be a part of the amazing line up of races which include the full distance individual and full distance relay. Participants will be racing with an international field including world-class pro athletes. The Challenge experience is about the celebration of sport and it is showcased through Festival of Events week that has something for everyone.

No longer the lone Challenge race in North America, Penticton is part of five Challenge races being held in 2014. North America races include Challenge New Albany, Ohio; Challenge St Andrews, New Brunswick; Challenge Atlantic City, New Jersey; Challenge Ranchero Cordova, California. The Challenge Family is the fastest growing global long distance triathlon series, now with 26 long distance triathlons in 15 countries and is changing the face of long distance racing around the world.  We are triathlon!

For more information on volunteering or other inquires about Valley First Challenge Penticton Canada, contact: 250-276-2163 (general office) or 250-276-2159 (volunteer line).