Combination of motocross freestyle riders and hit-to-pass loved

Teaming up two freestyle motocross riders with Eve of Destruction proved to be a good combination.



Teaming up two freestyle motocross riders with Eve of Destruction proved to be a good combination.

Vanderhoof’s Jeff Fehr and Oliver’s Kyle Demelo showed off their tricky skills in the air at the Penticton Speedway on Saturday.

“It was a lot of fun. We had a good time,” said Fehr, a retired Canadian champion.

Fehr, who began his professional riding career at 15, said he enjoys doing shows like he and Demelo did in Penticton.

“Just taking the stress out of the picture,” said Fehr, who is enjoying a new direction in life.

Fehr, 28, returned to Penticton because he enjoyed it so much the first time last year.

“It’s pretty local,” he said, adding that after being a little quiet, the crowd got louder. “The atmosphere of the people, everyone there seemed to have fun,” he said.

Flipping through the air upside down, he could hear the cheers of the 2,500 spectators.Penticton Speedway owner Johnny Aantjes was pleased with how the night turned out.

“The freestyle riders put on a good show,” said Aantjes. “I would have focused more on them. The spectators loved it.”

Aantjes said the year before they had more motorcross riders. Next year his plan is to promote better and possibly combine the riders with monster trucks, which he had last  year. He decided to take the year off from the monster trucks, but has a desire to build on the bikes.

“The crowd likes the jumps and it’s about bringing something different,” he said.

Following the bikes were the hornet and street stock racing, then the Eve of Destruction. On this night, it was cars pulling boats and trailers. Finishing first, second and third were the three Dales in the Eve of Destruction. Dale Atwood, driving No. 4, was first, Dale Highberg, driving No. 55 was second and Dale Breit, driving No. 7 was third.

“The crowd just loves that stuff (trailers),” said Aantjes.

And so did Fehr.

“It was fun watching the cars,” said Fehr. “Towing boats and trailers was pretty cool.”

Aantjes said the evening wouldn’t have been a success without the sponsorship support of the Penticton Honda Centre.