Dirt bikers learn from one of the best

New Zealand's Chris Birch was in Penticton for his Say No To Slow clinic

EMMA FETTERER gets some bike set up tips from Chris Birch

EMMA FETTERER gets some bike set up tips from Chris Birch

Members of the Southern Okanagan Dirt Bike Club learned more about their rides from one of the world’s best.

Eight-time New Zealand Enduro overall champion and three-time Roof of Africa winner Chris Birch held his Say No To Slow clinic in Penticton July 15 to 17, selling all 30 spots in three classes.

Miko McGrady, a member of the club, said the main objective of the clinic was to have the New Zealand native help members develop better riding technique through proper bike setup, body positioning as well as better clutch and throttle control.

“The riders were excited to meet and learn from Chris who is a well-known and highly respected world-class hard enduro competitor. Everyone was eager to hear what Chris had to say and teach them,” said McGrady. “Chris connects very well with his students. He is very personable, outgoing, friendly and enthusiastic. He also has a great sense of humour which he uses while telling personal stories to create analogies that people can relate to.”

McGrady said he believes members enjoyed all aspects of the clinic, in particular learning the importance of body position and clutch and throttle control to help tackle intimidating obstacles. The highlight of the weekend was the riders having the chance to chat with Birch and pick his brain about specific areas they want to improve in. Members also had the chance to tour Birch on some of the best single track trails near Summerland.