Figure skaters land 11 medals in Okanagan Interclub competition

Among 11 medals won by Glengarry Figure Skating Club, four are gold

ANGELINA VELTRI WON gold in the bronze interpretive in the Okanagan Interclub event held in West Kelowna Nov. 28 to 30.

ANGELINA VELTRI WON gold in the bronze interpretive in the Okanagan Interclub event held in West Kelowna Nov. 28 to 30.

Landing 11 medals, including four gold, is the best performance Trevor Buttenham has seen since joining the Glengarry Figure Skating Club in 2012.

“I had a couple of really nice surprises in that group,” said Buttenham, coach of the club, who took 22 skaters to West Kelowna Nov. 28-30 to compete in 38 events.

Winning gold for the club were Angelina Veltri, Patricia Fortunato, Denielle Powers and Meagan Pankratz. Veltri captured gold in the bronze interpretive while enjoying a personal best performance scoring 27.09 points. Veltri skated a performance put together for her in the spring and it was the first time she did it in front of judges.

“For her to come back and bring back a gold medal the first time with this program in a competition, it’s great,” said Buttenham, adding it’s a big improvement with her new personal best.

Powers, a new member after moving to Penticton from northern B.C., won gold in elements one. She also took bronze in Stars4 for girls 13 and older and finished 10th in bronze interpretive.

“She surprised me because I had never seen her before,” said Buttenham. “She has done really well.”

Buttenham was very pleased with Fortunato because she’s at the level where she should be going into elements. Buttenham and Fortunato had some tricks that were lower than some of the other girls, but she delivered, making four clean tricks.

“Sometimes that beats out a harder trick done less well,” he said of her gold performance in elements two women, a personal best 5.40 points.

With Pankratz, she laid down two nice dances, said Buttenman, who watched her take gold in senior silver solo dance with a personal best score of 16.97.

“She’s really starting to mature as a skater,” he said of Pankratz who also finished sixth in elements three women and men. “She’s really starting to grow into who she is. Has good strength in her legs, good motion, good movement across the ice.”

For the skaters who didn’t skate over the summer, this was their first competition as they would not have been ready for the Autumn Leaves event earlier in the season. The Okanagan Interclub competition allowed the skaters to “get their feet wet” said Buttenham.

Remaining results are:

Juvenile Women U14

Jordana McEachern — second, 23.58

Nadia Snyman — fourth, 18.85


Jr Silver Women

Sabrina Fortunato — second, 20.67 *PB


Star5 Girls 13&O

Keara Anutooshkin — seventh, 9.62


Star4 Girls 13&O

Isabelle Tuckwood — fourth

Jasmeen Bajwa — sixth


Star4 Girls U10

Samantha Macnally — fifth


Star3 Girls

Kaylee Fortunato — silver

Joycey Cheng — bronze *PB

Amy Slater — merit


Star2 Girls

Cloe Robert — silver *PB

Alex Jung — silver

Sara Slater — bronze

Rachel Jung — bronze


Star1 Girls & Boys

Megane Martineau — gold *PB

Giselle Weisheit — silver *PB

Sienna Nichols — bronze


Silver Interpretive

Anne Lu —  sixth, 28.66 *PB


Bronze Interpretive

Sabrina Fortunato — fourth, 24.94 *PB

Jordana McEachern — sixth, 24.56 *PB

Patricia Fortunato — seventh, 23.60 *PB

Isabelle Tuckwood — eighth, 23.34 *PB

Keara Anutooshkin — ninth, 22.32 *PB


Elements 3 Women & Men

Sabrina Fortunato — third, eight points *PB

Meagan Pankratz — sixth, 7.10 *PB


Elements 1 Women

Samantha MacNally — second, 4.20 *PB

Kaylee Fortunato — fourth, 2.30  *PB


Senior Silver Solo Dance

Patricia Fortunato — second, 12.57 *PB

Sabrina Fortunato — third, 12.44 *PB

Isabelle Tuckwood — fourth, 11.94 *PB


Bronze Creative

Kaylee Fortunato — fifth


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