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Freak’n Farmer course expected to be freak’n fun

Athletes and fun seekers will get a glimpse of a farmer’s job during the Freak’n Farmer obstacle course race Sept. 1.

Athletes and fun seekers will get a glimpse of a farmer’s job during the Freak’n Farmer obstacle course race Sept. 1 at Covert Farms in Oliver.

Forty participants have signed up to take on 18 grueling chores in the 12-kilometre event. Lyndie Hill of Hoodoo Adventures and co-ordinator of the Freak’n Farmer wouldn’t go into detail about what the chores are.

“They are kept a secret until the morning before,” said Hill. “That’s the key, to be prepared for anything.”

Gene Covert of Covert Farms said people will enjoy the challenge, which is physical and mental.

“It’s really a unique race designed to be fun,” said Covert, who approached Hoodoo Adventures in the spring about organizing it. “It pays tribute to the farming history and jobs that are done on farms today. I think it’s pretty cool.”

Covert and his wife Shelly, who is a triathlete, both enjoy the racing community and he said it seemed like a good thing to do on their 600 acre farm.

It’s an adventure for competitive and recreational people and will raise money alongside Sun FM for the South Okanagan Children’s Charity.

“We are really excited about the Freak’n Farmer for many reasons. We are not only introducing this fast growing obstacle style race to the area, but this is a great opportunity to expand tourism in the shoulder seasons while raising money for a great cause,” said Hill. “This kind of event just brought tens of thousands of participants and spectators to the Lower Mainland in its first year this spring. We expect to see very large numbers for this event as it grows as well.”

Hill said the event will be capped at 200 people to keep it manageable. She anticipates over 150 will sign up. Athletes of all ages are encouraged to compete, but also those looking for a fun way to spend a day to come out.

“Whether you are competitive or just looking for a great way to spend your weekend with friends, the Freak’n Farmer will be exciting not only to do but to spectate,” said Hill. “The course is very challenging but you can choose to skip obstacles if you sign up in the recreational category.”

Hill said this will attract people because they don’t have to be competitive doing it.

“Have a fun day out with friends and push your limits,” she said. “See where you are with your fitness. Can work together with your team instead of doing it on your own. The venue for this is perfect. It’s a beautiful.”

The Freak’n Farmer will be held annually. Sponsors, organizers at Hoodoo Adventures and partners at Covert Farms are looking forward to growing the obstacle course and increasing fundraising opportunities for the local charity.

For more race information and to sign up for the Freak’n Farmer you can visit and