Getting Team B.C. nod

KISU's Jaren LeFranc among 40 swimmers chosen for Team B.C.'s provincial program

Jaren LeFranc

Jaren LeFranc

Jaren LeFranc is one of 40 swimmers chosen by Team B.C. for its provincial team program.

With his selection, he is on track to qualify for nationals.

“I think the opportunity is pretty cool,” said LeFranc, who was among 40 swimmers chosen. “I was really happy about it. It’s nice to be out with the fastest people in the province.”

LeFranc is in the youth/junior program which, according to Swim B.c.’s website, is to support swimmers and coaches to represent B.C. on national teams.

LeFranc, who learned of the news by email three weeks ago, is also excited about the chance to move onto a higher level than regionals and performing the best he can. His coach, Tina Hoeben, said this is a great opportunity for him.

“It was tough to get on there,” said Hoeben. “Especially being he has just turned 15. He’s not the oldest on that team at all. It’s a great privilege to be on that team.”

LeFranc, who joined KISU from the Pikes swim club a year ago, said he has noticed improvements in his skills and last year was a big jump for him. Hoeben said that LeFranc, who swam with the Pikes summer club for three years, hadn’t really seen his full potential. She said he is an incredibly committed swimmer, who is dedicated and very coachable.

“He will do whatever you ask of him to the best of his ability,” she said. “He really saw huge improvement in his swimming last year.”

Team B.C. will be following the swimmers throughout the season and Hoeben will be involved. She said this will come with benefits that LeFranc and herself can bring back to KISU.

“It’s a great opportunity to learn from other coaches,” she said.

Hoeben said what stands out about LeFranc is his leadership. He is also passionate and as Hoeben said, “it’s infectious for the whole group.”

In other club news, after a slow start, KISU now has more than 190 swimmers. Hoeben wasn’t sure why numbers were initially low, but said it might have been because of the teachers’ strike. Hoeben added there is still room for more kids in the entry level mini-squad program and they always welcome new swimmers. The club also offers a master’s program for older swimmers.

The club will host its first meet of the season on Oct.17, the KISU Iron Pentathlon. The club will us that meet to gauge were swimmers are.