Glengarry skater shines in Super Series

Jordana McEachern wins gold for the Glengarry Skating Club in Super Series event

Glengarry Skating Club coach Trevor Buttenham watched as Jordana McEachern “jumped up and down like a bunny rabbit.”

McEachern won the club a gold medal in the juvenile women U14 at the BC/YK Super Series SummerSkate in Burnaby, Aug.18-21. She scored a personal best 26.29 points,  two higher from her old mark.

“Two points is a lot,” said Buttenham. “That leads us to good things.”

In the three years that Buttenham has been working with McEachern, he said she has always tried to put it out there, trying to pick up the component marks.

“The second mark that the judges kind of make up in their head. It’s not about the jumps and the spins. It’s about how they skate,” he said. “She really delivered at this competition. The first time I think I’ve ever seen Jordana really perform and it showed in the marks.”

The club also picked up silver and bronze from Alanna Walters of Williams Lake and Nadia Snyman. Walters, who skates with the club in the summer while visiting her grandparents, earned silver in the Star 9 FreeSkate and also placed fourth. Snyman earned bronze in Star 7 with a personal best of 18.32, while she took fourth in Star 8, with another personal best performance of 23.84. Both skaters earned those results skating in new events.

Samantha Macnally placed seventh in the Pre-Juvenile Women U11 with a score of 16.87. Megan Pankratz was fifth in Gold Women with a score of 26.48. Jocelyn Erdt of the Summerland Skating Club was ninth in the Star 5 Girls U13 with 12.40 points.

“For the fact they had only these programs for four or five weeks, I think those are pretty good results,” said Buttenham.

The Glengarry Skating Club’s registration for fall programs opens on Sept. 7 and Sept. 26 for recreation programs.