KISU swimmer earns Canadian record

KISU para swimmer Avery Newton set Canadian record during Can Am championship event

Avery Newton

Avery Newton

Competing in the CanAm Championship Para swimming earlier this month for Andrew Cooke and Avery Newton was about learning.

KISU super juniors/intermediate coach Jane Bentley said one of the things that both para swimmers need to improve on is their mental side. Bentley described the Can Am Games meet as spectacular and the swimmers’ performances are on track for being their best.

Cooke’s best performance came in the 200 individual medley in which he placed second and swam a world qualifying time. Bentley said he was disqualified because he performed his butterfly illegally. Newton set a Canadian record in the 100-metre fly, which she completed in 1:52.01.

“It was so awesome. Jane was really proud of me,” said Newton. “It was a really good experience. Jane is working me really hard.”

Cooke was pleased with his performance and said he’s feeling more confident.

The CanAM Games featured athletes from Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Columbia and Russia. Bentley said they were pushed by the other athletes as the calibre keeps getting better.

“I think there was something like 20 Canadian records set,” said Bentley. “Tells you how much Canadian para swimming is improving.”

The ultimate goal now is to get to Brazil for the Paralympics in three years and they are on track for that. Bentley added they are hoping to qualify for the Canada Games.