KISU swimmer making a splash

KISU's Jaren LeFranc is having a strong season in the pool

Jaren LeFranc’s focus on training is delivering big results.

The second-year member of KISU, has top times in five events.

“It’s been nice to post the top times in Canada,” said LeFranc, who has bested his opposition in the 50-metre, 100-m and 200-m breast stroke for 15-year-olds as well as the 200-m medley and 50-m breast stroke laps. “It’s nice to know that all the hard training has paid off.”

LeFranc pushes himself in training, but when he does need a little motivation, he doesn’t have to go far to find it with coach Tina Hoeben.

“She is an awesome person,” said LeFranc, adding that he also looks up to the faster swimmers in B.C. and Canada. “They have gotten there so they have done something right.”

Hoeben said that LeFranc has had a very good 2014-15 season and his success is from being focused on training hard.

“He is consistent in that,” said Hoeben. “It has brought him very good, positive results.”

Next weekend LeFranc will head to UBC to participate in a Team B.C. camp with the best  swimmers in the province. While there, swimmers will complete tests and learn about strategy and analysis.

“I’m hoping that it’s a great experience to push him to the next level,” said Hoeben. “Give him some tools to achieve even better performances.”

What has impressed Hoeben about LeFranc is his determination, enthusiasm and passion for the sport.

It helped him set records in Kelowna last December. He broke Brent Thompsett’s 1994 record in the 50-m breast stroke, as well as the 100-m breast stroke mark from 1993 and a 200-m mark from 1994.