KISU swimmers shine in Kamloops meet

Big results for KISU swimmers include club records shattered

The KISU swim club shone in the 22nd annual MJB Law Classic Swim Meet in Kamloops Dec. 12 – 14.

The club sent 37 swimmers and coach Tina Hoeben watched as the boys took top spot and the girls were second overall.

“We had a phenomenal meet, our swimmers swam amazingly well,” said Hoeben, adding that teammates cheering each other on and the depth of the team spirit was strong.

While all the swimmers impressed Hoeben, she said that Acacia Benn delivered strong performances including a time of one minute and one second for her 100-metre freestyle, 1:08 for her 100-m back stroke, and placed first in all her races.

“That was really great to see her pull all of that together,” she said.

Justin Fotherby, 12 and under, put together great swims and had a fabulous 400-m individual medley taking second by fractions of a second. Hayden Krause, 10 and under, enjoyed six first-place finishes and broke a record in the 100-m freestyle dating back to 1991. Benn also broke a record in the 100-m backstroke and 100-m freestyle. Ashley McMillan, 10 and under, won all her races and broke KISU records in the 50-m breast stroke.

“She swam phenomenally well,” said Hoeben.

This meet ended the club’s first training cycle and Hoeben said it was about more than just seeing where the swimmers are.

“It was an important meet for everyone to perform well,” she said, adding the performances topped last year with the help of their deep roster. “Naming those four is just scratching the surface of the depth and success of our club at that meet. Lots of kids who had pivotal performances in terms of changing to AA swimmers and really attacking swims.”

Results are as follows:

One hundred per cent best performances: Avery Barnett, Marlee Caruso, Riley Kascak, Xelian Louw, Chelsea Keeler, Jaren LeFranc, Evan Peters, Riley Wall and Tyler Wall.

Outstanding Results – 10 & under girls

Ashley McMillan:  First-place finishes:  50 breast, 200 I.M., 100 free, 100 fly, 100 breast, 50 free, 100 I.M., and 200 free.  Ashley currently ranks No. 1 in BC (10 & under girls) in 50 free, 200 I.M. 100 free, 100 fly, 100 breast stroke, 50 free and 100 I.M.

Ava Wall:  Second-place finishes: 50 free, 50 fly with third-place finishes for 100 back, 100 free, 100 fly, 50 back and 100 I.M.

Outstanding Results 10 & under boys

Thomas Caruso:  second-place finishes: 50 back, 50 fly with third-place finishes in 100 fly, 100 breast stroke and 100 I.M.

Garrett Kennedy:  second-place finish: 50 breast stroke with third-place finish: 100 back.

Hayden Krause:  first-place finishes: 50 breast stroke, 100 free, 50 free, 100 I.M, 50 fly and 200 free with second-place finishes:  200 I.M. and 100 fly.  Hayden currently ranks secondin BC for the 100 I.M. and 200 free, (10 & under boys).

Jordan Souch-Tremblay: third-place finish in 200 free.

Outstanding Results 12 & under girls

Acadia Benn:  first-place finishes (gold medal), 100 back, 100 free, 400 free, 400 I.M., 50 back, 200 free and 200 back.


Outstanding Results 12 & under boys

Evan Peters:  third-place finish (bronze medal), 100 breast stroke

Elijah Kliever:  first- place finish (gold medal), 100 back and second-place finishes (silver medal), 200 back and 50 back.

Justin Fotherby:  first- place finishes (gold medal), 100 free, 50 free, 200 free with second-place finishes (silver medal), 400 free, 400 I.M. and third-place finishes (bronze medal), 100 fly and 200 I.M.

Justin currently ranks No. 1 in BC for the 400 free and No.2 in BC for 50 free, 100 free and 200 free, (11 & under boys).  Justin is also currently ranked third in Canada for 400 free (11 & under boys) as well achieving a western time.


Outstanding Results 13–14 girls

Myah Nackoney:   third-place finish (bronze medal), 50 free

Anna Spence:  third-place finish (bronze medal), 50 back


Outstanding Results 13–14 boys

Tyler Wall: first-place finish (gold medal), 50 free.  Tyler currently ranks secondin BC for 50 free, (13-14 boys).

Xelian Louw:  second-place finish (silver medal), 50 free and third-place finish (bronze medal), 200 I.M.

Outstanding Results 15 & over girls

Payton Nackoney:  second-place finish (silver medal), 800 free, 200 fly


Outstanding Results 15 & over boys

Riley Wall:  third-place finishes (bronze medal), 100 Back, 100 free, 400 free, 50 free and 200 free.  Riley is currently ranked third in BC for 50 free and 100 free (15 & under boys.)

Sam Lasinski:  second-place finish (silver medal) in 50 back with third-place finishes (bronze medal), 200 back.

Jaren LeFranc:  first-place finishes (gold medal), 200 breast stroke and 100 breast stroke, with a second (silver medal), 50 breast stroke and a third-place finish (bronze medal), 200 I.M.  Jaren is currently ranked No.1 in BC for 200 breast stroke, ranked second in BC for 100 breast stroke and ranked third in BC for 50 breast stroke (15 & under boys).

Great Achievement in Performance:

Avery Barnett (18.42 seconds off 400 free)

Acacia Benn (17.01 seconds off 880 free, 15.00 seconds off 400 I.M.)

Kenzi Haberstock (17.65 seconds off 400 free)

Garrett Kennedy (27.22 seconds off  200 I.M.)

Payton Nackoney (20.87 seconds off 800 free)

Belize Souch-Tremblay (29.04 seconds off 800 free)

Ava Wall (18.31 seconds off  200 I.M.)

Riley Wall (18.31 seconds off 400 free)

Tyler Wall (50.60 seconds off 400 free, 22.17 seconds off 400 I.M.)


New Time Standards:

Avery Barnett – six new A times.

Reece Haberstock – three new AAA times.

Riley Kascak – three new AAA times, plus westerns and age group nationals in 50-m breast stroke.

Anna Spence – westerns and age group nationals in 50-m backstroke.

Garrett Kennedy – two new A times.

Elijah Kliever – three new AAA times.

Jaren LeFranc – four new AAA times.

Xelian Louw – eight new AAA times.

Myah Nackoney – three new AAA times.

Wynn Nordlund – three new AAA times.

Evan Peters – three new AA times.

Kristen Vandeweghe – five new AA times.

Alice Wang – one new AAA time.

Joy Wang – her first AA time.